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A career in coffee. How does this sound to you? In many countries it even doesn’t  exist. I mean, what exactly is it? Just making coffee? How can this be a career?

In many consuming countries a “coffee career” means just working at a cafè as waiting staff and that’s it. There is no such a thing as a career in coffee, the word barista doesn’t exist too. The person responsible for the coffee drinks is also responsible

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Kopi Organik Sehat Mantap produksi Baliem Arabica Papua

Kopi Organik Papua - Green Bean

Kopi Organik Papua – Green Bean


Baliem Blue Coffee Powder (Bubuk) 100% organic 100% Arabica 100% Papua single origin

Contact Person

Jhon Kwano Mobile: 081238301001 Email: Alamat: Jalan Bedreg No. 39, RT/RW : 08/41, Sambilegi, Maguwoharjo, Depok Sleman, DI Yogyakarta

Harga Rp.100.000,-


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